The Story of PropCon: From Side Hustle to Thriving Business

Most of us have heard about CRM and how powerful it is to grow your business from referrals. Some might be skeptical because it takes a great deal of time and energy to nurture relationships, but wow!  The outcome is always worth it!

In this article you will learn how PropCon has grown from a humble side hustle to thriving business in short space of time, simply by practicing what they teach real estate agents.

Like all great stories, it started with a problem.  A few years into her real estate career, the co-founder Leandré, noticed a disturbing pattern of homes she sold to owners, being put on the market with other estate agents.  “I was always too busy chasing the next deal and I never made the time to stay in touch with my old clients to ask for resales and referrals.  When I started looking for a CRM system, I struggled to find something easy to use and affordable.”

A hero appeared in this story in the form of her husband Lourens who is a very talented software developer.  He started building PropCon to suit her (very demanding) needs and over the years it has grown into the powerful marketing tool that estate agents love to use today.

Together their story took a turn in 2019.  They made the life-changing decision to follow their dream of letting go of their possessions to become digital nomads.  They were cautious at first to see if this lifestyle is a good fit and were amazed the unexpected benefits: “Living a life on the move keep our minds switched on and creative.  There is no time for ‘auto pilot mode’ when you regularly travel to new places,” Lourens said.

They loved it so much that they decided to launch their own online business.  In 2020 they both quit their jobs and went all in with PropCon.

“Looking back, one of the best decisions we made was to focus on building a niche product for a target group.  PropCon is tailor-made for South African estate agents looking for cost-effective technology with a trendy and modern appearance. It's designed to empower agents by putting their focus on what really matters—closing more deals!” - Leandré.

Today, PropCon is a thriving business that has grown organically without any money spent on marketing.  “Our team keeps growing to help us offer the hands-on support and guidance we are known for. We all work remotely and are passionate about proptech.  Below we share the top 5 ways we grew our company which can be applied to any business for guaranteed succes.” - Leandré.

1. Sell the Problem you Solve, not the Product!
Every successful business starts with a laser focus on offering the best solution for your target market.  Spend some time asking yourself who you are serving through your product or service.

What exactly are you helping your clients with and how are you enhancing their experience while working with you?

2. Build Profitable Relationships.
Strong relationships are not built overnight.  It happens over a period of time and should be personalised and different with every client.  This is easy to do when you really care about your clients and are truly invested in their wellbeing and future goals.

3. Keep Innovating.
This is true for every industry, but especially for real estate agents. Staying in touch with the latest trends and tools is important to keep standing out in a highly competitive industry.

PropCon is an evolving platform where the input from estate agents are welcomed.  One example is the website feature that is versatile and unique with stunning features and optimal technical performance.

“After living in 80+ homes in the last 5 years, our house-hunting experience turned out to be quite handy because we used all that knowledge to build an amazing website.  It offers visitors a truly exceptional experience, with one-of-a-kind features and functionalities.” - Lourens.

Click here to see website examples, features and testimonials.

4. Stay in Touch with your Clients.
Sharing valuable information and consistently staying in touch with clients is the key to nurturing relationships.   “At PropCon we send our clients happy birthday messages, a happy anniversary message from when they created their profile and regularly share insider tips & tricks that are not always related to technology.”  Leandré said.

PropCon users have access to an array of marketing material, scripts and templates that makes it easy to share information in a stunning way.

As a real estate agent, it’s important to brand yourself as a professional who is knowledgeable and trustworthy.  The best way to do this is to share valuable information with your existing- and future clients.

5. Ask for more Business!
When you offer an exceptional product or service, your clients will want to share it with other people.  You will take this to a whole new level when you start asking for more business.

To date, PropCon’s user base has organically grown by referral.  As Elon Musk says, “Focus on making a product that your customers love.  Great companies are built on great products.”

PropCon Features, Examples and Cost
A humble system that started as a CRM, has grown into a powerful property matching tool with a unique approach using client landing pages.

Other features include modern listing landing pages that is responsive for any type of device, digital business card, articles, owners feedback, custom website, deal tracking, bulk communication via WhatsApp, SMS & Email, real estate calendar, mobile app to receive reminders, daily tasks, syndication to major portals and many more features in the pipeline.

To put PropCon to the test, click here to create your free trial profile.  A monthly fee of R230 (VAT incl) keeps your profile active.  Discounted rates apply for larger groups, offices, and franchise groups.

Data ownership is straightforward:  All data belongs to the account holder and is not shared or analysed by PropCon or third parties.   Click here to learn more.

A website costs R320 (VAT Incl) per month after an affordable, once-off setup fee is paid.

“In conclusion, if you're an estate agent in South Africa searching for affordable and stylish technology, PropCon has you covered.  With our expertise and dedication, we've crafted a platform that will exceed your expectations, providing you with the tools and insights you need to thrive in the real estate market.  So why wait?  Dive in and discover a world of possibilities with PropCon!”  - Leandré.
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Listing Management 3 unlimited
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Digital Business Card
Private listing landing pages
→ Social media platforms
→ Private Client Profiles
→ Property24
→ Gumtree
→ ImmoAfrica
Contact Management 3 unlimited
Manage all your clients and leads in one place with our real estate specific CRM.

Some features include:
→ Property matching
→ Manage birthdays, house anniversaries, follow ups, meetings etc
→ Seller feedback landing pages
→ Bulk communication via WhatsApp, SMS & Email
→ POPIA preference management
→ Custom tagging aka data segmentation
→ Personal drive to keep client documents

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Articles & Blogs 3 unlimited
A clever way to share valuable information without sending your clients off to other websites so they can stay in your funnel.
You can feature your articles on your own website, digital business card or share it directly with client via multiple communication channels.
Listing Collections - unlimited
A powerful way to create a multiple listing landing page to share via a single URL in bulk to a specific group of contacts, on social media platforms or a PropCon Website.
These listing collection landing pages can be created in just a few clicks.
Client Landing Pages 3 unlimited
Automated private landing pages with your company branding made out to your client by name where they see all their listing matches and update their POPIA communication preferences.
Listing Landing Pages 3 unlimited
PropCon automatically create beautifully designed and eye-catching listing landing pages for you.
Market listings privately to your database or publicly on a PropCon Website.
Digital Business Card
Use this powerful tool to capture your unique Personal Brand, add images & videos, feature your favourite listings & articles, add client testimonials to promote trust and use custom buttons to generate more leads.
Owners Feedback
Keep your homeowners and landlords updated on the marketing of their properties with regular feedback shared via a link. Looks impressive, but only takes a few minutes to create. (see example)
Bulk Communication
Use tried-and-tested scripts to communicate with your contacts in bulk through:
→ WhatsApp
→ Email
→ MailChimp
Deal Tracking
Keep track of your residential and commercial deals.
Some of the main features include:
→ Deal management
→ Deal Progress History
→ Deal Payout History
→ Linking of Buyers, Sellers and Lawyers
→ File Management for FICA docs etc
→ Integrated Calendar with Tasks and Reminders
→ Notes
→ Timely Alerts and Reminders
Real Estate Calendar
One-of-a-kind calendar specifically designed for busy estate agents. Linked to each one of your contacts and listing to effortlessly keep track of important dates. Ability to send automated appointment reminders to your clients.
Daily Tasks
Make sure you don’t miss important tasks by ticking them off your daily tasks check list.
Property Matching
Add a unique wish-list to automatically match clients with properties on a continuous basis. Track engagement with your listing(s) with our view counter.
Drive File Storage
A convenient way to save all your important documentation safely in the cloud.
File types like:
→ Word and Excel
→ Images
Collaborate with your favourite colleagues to dramatically increase sales through sharing your listings and contacts. Keep more sales in-house by using a centralised database.
Training & Webinars
Learn your new system through a fun journey of short video, access our library filled with free training videos and join our monthly live webinars!
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